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Debit Card

Securely and quickly make purchases from your checking account with a Visa debit card.

Every checking account comes with a free Visa debit card.

The Visa debit card works like an electronic check, directly paying for transactions from your checking account. Your debit card is a simple, secure way to pay virtually anywhere. Whether you’re getting groceries down the street, making an online purchase, or getting cash from one of our many ATMs, you can use your Visa debit card with confidence.


You’ll enjoy peace of mind with our 24/7 account monitoring. Our fraud professionals and systems closely monitor accounts for suspicious activity. Our sophisticated alert system can immediately let you know of any account activity. You can rest easier knowing that your bank is watching out for you and ready to help.

Want text or email alerts when you pay with your Visa debit card? Enroll here to get a real-time alert whenever a purchase meets the requirements you set at enrollment.

Verified by Visa

Cyber security and fraud become a bigger issue every day. That’s why we take your online security a step further, with Verified by Visa.

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Credit or Debit?

The answer is either. The charge will always be deducted directly from your checking account, but at the checkout you can select credit or debit.

Choosing credit skips entering your PIN. Just pay with your card and sign. Selecting credit will also lead to a more detailed description of the transaction on your statement.

Choosing debit will require you to enter your PIN as authorization and gives you the option to get extra cash back.

Anytime Banking

There are several ways to manage your money from outside a banking office. We’re always glad to see you in person, but we know that sometimes it’s more convenient to handle your banking from home or while on-the-go.

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Hints and Tips

We’ve made it easy to quickly find just the advice you need. Check out some of our latest hints and tips.

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