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Business Banking Team

Our business bankers know our business and they take the time to know yours. By understanding your specific business needs, we can be more valuable as your bank. That’s why we listen, ask good questions, and listen some more. The more we know about you – and where you’re going – the more we can help you on your way.

Our Commitment:

Today, anyone in business knows that times are tougher. Opportunities are fleeting. And it’s not just important to have the right bank and the right banker on your side. It’s business critical. You need flexibility and security, practical guidance and honest advice you can trust. You deserve fast answers and trustworthy solutions from a banker who is available day or night. You can expect all that and more from our business banking experts. We’re here for you today and we’ll be here for you tomorrow.

Malcolm Davis
Commercial Cash Management 937-324-6839 email
Brad Ditto
Assistant Vice President & Commercial Lender 937-436-5005 email view lender profile

Relationships are essential in banking. Listening, understanding your business needs, and honest communication are my top priorities. I am as passionate about my clients as they are about their business.

Specialties: Commercial Real Estate, Investment Real Estate, SBA Loans & Lines, Commercial & Industrial Financing

Thom Goodfellow
Senior Vice President & Commercial Lender 937-324-6880 email view lender profile

After 25 years with the bank, I’m known for giving sound financial advice. My clients appreciate a genuine response from a real person.

Specialties: Church Financing, Agricultural Loans, Medical Practices, Investment Real Estate, Commercial & Industrial Lending

Jason Hill
Commercial Cash Management 937-324-6831 email
Tom Keehner
Vice President & Commercial Lender 937-324-6801 email view lender profile

I’m more than your banker. I’m a trusted advisor. I help my clients through thick and thin and support you if things don’t go as planned.

Specialties: Investment Real Estate, Agricultural Lending, Lines of Credit

Ben Kitchen
Commercial Lender 937-324-6853 email view lender profile

It’s not the size of the loan. It’s the relationship I have with a client, and the partnership between the bank and their business. It’s about working together to meet their needs.

Specialties: Investment & Commercial Real Estate, Public Finance, Lines of Credit

Brian Nott
Commercial Lender 937-324-6808 email view lender profile

I make every client feel like they’re my only customer. I give them all my attention with local decisions, quick answers, and I help them reach their goals.

Specialties: Investment Real Estate, Commercial Loan Underwriting, Equipment Loans, Lines of Credit, Commercial & Industrial Financing

Andrew Peyton
Commercial Lender 937-429-2392 email view lender profile

No two businesses are the same. I create a personal relationship with each business owner, and put myself in their shoes to know their needs.

Specialties: Investment Properties, Hotels, Lines of Credit, Commercial & Industrial Lending

Carl Puckett
Assistant Vice President & Commercial Lender 937-790-4085 email view lender profile

I never take for granted the trust my clients have placed in me to help them with their business. As a business owner myself, I have an honest understanding of the business process and can personally relate to the needs of my business clients.

Specialties: SBA Lending, Merger & Acquisition Financing, Manufacturing, Commercial Real Estate, Investment Real Estate

Pat Rastatter
Vice President & Commercial Lender 937-324-6864 email view lender profile

I’m going to fully understand your business. I’m going to take the time to understand your challenges and how you make money. You’re going to get a lot more than just a salesperson. You’re going to get a partner who can help you with your business.

Specialties: Commercial Real Estate, Manufacturing, Medical, Retail, Residential & Commercial Construction & Development, Non-Profit

Dave Snyder
Vice President & Commercial Lender 937-653-1222 email view lender profile

I strive to provide quick answers, honest opinions and advice with extensive knowledge of our local community.

Specialties: Agricultural Lending, Small Business Lending

Mike Warnecke
Vice President & Commercial Lender 937-324-6944 email view lender profile

I’m a good listener. I’m hands on. I like to feel it, touch it, see it. I’m involved. If my client is passionate about it, I’m passionate about it too.

Specialties: Investment Real Estate, Commercial & Industrial Lending, Lines of Credit, Equipment Loans