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Some experts believe the delivery of financial services is generic… we respectfully disagree. We strive to make you feel like you’ve never experienced better service than you do from us. We won’t treat you like a number, and we certainly aren’t just interested in your transaction. We offer financial solutions – plural. We’re interested in you, your goals, and what matters in your world.

We’re proud of our team of bankers and how hard they work for our clients and communities. We’re at your service and you can count on our team. Our responsibility is to help you. Our privilege is to find the right solution for your specific wants and needs. We promise to make you feel extraordinary attention, confidence, and ease in every relationship with our organization.

We look forward to taking care of you.

Terri Belliveau photo
Terri Belliveau
Trust Administrator 937-324-6950 email
Trust Administrator 937-408-6929

My motto: Do things in life that you enjoy, make a difference, care about what you do and give your best. My passion: Working with people to make a positive impact on their lives and the lives of their families.

Andy Birch Photo
Andy Birch
Mortgage Lender 937-324-6854 email
Rachel Brewer Photo
Rachel Brewer
Trust Administrator 937-324-6915 email

Retirement planning is crucial for every person. I love helping people achieve their financial goals for a secure and comfortable retirement. It’s a pleasure to provide local retirement plan services to companies, non-profits and individuals. Contact me anytime for a free consultation. I am happy to help!

John Brown Photo
John Brown
President 937-324-6877 email
Vicki Cardiff
Manager, Xenia Office 937-372-9211 email
Malcolm Davis Photo
Malcolm Davis
Commercial Cash Management 937-324-6839 email

“I pride myself on being dependable. When you need me, I’m going to be there for you.”

Dawn Poole
Indirect Lender 937-372-9212 email
Dustin Demoss Photo
Dustin DeMoss
Manager, Northridge Office 937-390-3088 email
Brad Ditto Photo
Brad Ditto
Commercial Lender 937-436-5005 email

“Relationships are essential in banking. Listening, understanding your business needs, and honest communication are my top priorities. I am as passionate about my clients as they are about their business.”

Jackie Folck Photo
Jackie Folck
Lender 937-324-6809 email
Peg Foley Photo
Peg Foley
Department Manager 937-324-6905 email
Vice President
Department Manager
Trust Administrator

It is and honor and a privilege to help my clients plan and achieve their goals, and leave legacies for future generations.

Tom Goodfellow Photo
Thom Goodfellow
Commercial Lender 937-324-6880 email

“After 25 years with the bank, I’m known for giving sound financial advice. My clients appreciate a genuine response from a real person.”

Angel Gwinn
Manager, Park Layne Office 937-849-1331 email
Missy Hallmark photo
Missy Hallmark
Trust Administrator 937-324-6812 email

My passion is to help my clients manage their wealth and legacy planning so they have more time to focus on things that are important to them, such as spending time with family, or pursuing their own passions.

Cathy Hill Photo
Cathy Hill
Trust Administrator 937-324-6912 email
Assistant Vice President
Trust Officer

I enjoy working with clients to achieve their aspirations for their families and to fulfill their philanthropic goals.

Jason Hill Photo
Jason Hill
Commercial Cash Management 937-324-6831 email

“I listen to your needs and suggest solutions that will benefit your business. You can count on me to work with you every step of the way. I want to be sure you understand how to use our tools and will provide ongoing support whenever you need it.”

Carla Hughes Photo
Carla Hughes
Manager, Jamestown Office 937-675-0283 email
Tom Keehner Photo
Tom Keehner
Commercial Lender 937-324-6801 email

“I’m more than your banker. I’m a trusted advisor. I help my clients through thick and thin and support you if things don’t go as planned.”

Amanda Knott photo
Amanda Knott
Trust Administrator 937-324-6938 email

I always do my best to make a positive impact on the lives of others. It’s important to me to understand a clients needs and give guidance that helps achieve their goals. You can trust me to be transparent and reliable.

Courtney Knott
Manager, Springboro Office 937-790-4070 email
James Kreckman photo
James Kreckman
Portfolio Manager 937-324-6888 email

As a fiduciary, I am the steward of our clients’ financial resources. I never forget that Family, Occupation, and Recreation, are the WHYs of our relationships and that the Money is the HOW by which their goals are successfully achieved.

Rick Lewis Photo
Rick Lewis
Commercial Lender 937-845-3812 email

“I am fortunate to work with a team that has an average of 20 years lending experience. Match that with the level of service I take pride in providing and I am confident we will provide you with an in-depth approach that is second to none.”

Brian Nott Photo
Brian Nott
Commercial Lender 937-324-6808 email

“I make every client feel like they’re my only customer. I give them all my attention with local decisions, quick answers, and I help them reach their goals.”

Andrew Peyton Photo
Andrew Peyton
Commercial Lender 937-429-2392 email

“No two businesses are the same. I create a personal relationship with each business owner, and put myself in their shoes to know their needs.”

Carl Puckett
Commercial Lender 937-790-4085 email

“I never take for granted the trust my clients have placed in me to help them with their business. As a business owner myself, I have an honest understanding of the business process and can personally relate to the needs of my business clients.”

Pat Rastatter Photo
Pat Rastatter
Commercial Lender 937-324-6864 email

“I’m going to fully understand your business. I’m going to take the time to understand your challenges and how you make money. You’re going to get a lot more than just a salesperson. You’re going to get a partner who can help you with your business.”

Natasha Ridenour
Lender 937-653-1229 email
Dave Snyder Photo
Dave Snyder
Commercial Lender 937-653-1222 email

“I strive to provide quick answers, honest opinions and advice with extensive knowledge of our local community.”

Mike Warnecke Photo
Mike Warnecke
Commercial Lender 937-324-6944 email

“I’m a good listener. I’m hands on. I like to feel it, touch it, see it. I’m involved. If my client is passionate about it, I’m passionate about it too.”

Jeff Williams
Manager, Scioto Street Office 937-653-1208 email